About the Artist

Dipti Kulkarni is an IT Professional in Finance Industry and has worked with the leading investment banks. Born in an Indian family, she is raised across various states of India as her father was an Indian Army Officer. She is currently settled in New Jersey, USA. She has learnt basics of painting from her mother who served as a Vice Principal in High School. Ms. Kulkarni has exhibited her works at various solo exhibits internationally and in USA.

Ms. Kulkarni is a hobby-led artist and a poet. She strongly believes that, “Art has a great power of love and expression,” and so she has tried to put forward the issues that a woman in society faces through her series “Women's Rights and Empowerment”. She focuses on using acrylics/oils primarily. Bold brush strokes, powerful expressions, vibrant colors with high contrasts and depth of the subject makes her art stand out. She also uses mixed-media for beautification and enhanced effects.

Ms. Kulkarni’s creativity is not just limited to the artworks but can also be seen in her Writing skills. She believes in “out of the box” thinking.  She has written award-winning poems that have played an important role in creating social awareness. A strong advocate of "Diversity and Inclusion", she continuously works towards creating an inclusive environment. 

Her Tag Line says it all …where Creativity meets Colors!” 

Artist's Statement

"Art has a great power of love and expression. I would like to use my Art in best possible way